Friday, April 3, 2009

Cardio for the Social Butterfly

I love that when I just blogged about joining the gym, in my email this morning my daily email from Jillian Michaels just instilled one of the reasons I joined. Check it out!

Haven't found an exercise you absolutely love to do? You've tried them all — rowing machines, treadmills, even the dreaded Stairmaster — and hated every second of it. Well, you're not alone. But that doesn't mean there isn't an exercise out there just for you. Have you ever considered that you just don't like exercising alone? Often, it's the solitary nature of exercise that turns us off. Sometimes we need a support system to keep us moving. Sound like you? Try a joining group exercise class and find out!

The advantage to exercise classes is that they're a whole lot more fun than sweating it out by yourself. Most group classes add an element of fun to the mix — like hooking you into the latest and hippest dance moves and music. Plus, when you join a group, people will look out for you, which can motivate you and help keep you accountable. Whether it's spinning, African or hip-hop dance, step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, or any other cardiovascular class, make sure it involves a minimum of 45 minutes of activity and keeps you heart rate up above 60 percent!

The First Step

Sure, your first day of class may be intimidating. It seems as if everyone is super fit and has known everyone else in the class for ages. They use slang fitness terms you've never heard, set up their equipment in their "spot," and never miss a step during the routines. Keep in mind that they were all once newbies, too. If you feel uncomfortable, get to class a few minutes early — you can introduce yourself to the instructor, tell her about any limitations you may have, and let her show you how to set up your equipment.

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  1. This the key. Find out what works for you.. that goes for exercise & food. You are the person doing/eating it so it needs to be sustainable for you for life. Keep trying & find what you like cher & what works for you! It is an inspiration that you keep trying & don't give up! Lots of people give up so pat yourself on the back!


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