Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get to SHREDDIN'!!

Tonight, I did workout 1 of Jillian Michaels new "30 Day Shred" DVD. What a great workout! It went in circuits of strength building (using weights), cardio and abs. It definitely gets the heart rate up, muscles burning, and the sweat started! Most of you already know I'm a HUGE Jillian Michaels fan, and have her "The Biggest Winner" workout series, and those workouts are no cakewalk either, so this DVD did NOT disappoint.

I look forward to making this a part of my morning workout routine, as these are only 20 minute workouts. I have shorter 20-30 minute versions of my TurboJam and Rockin' Body workouts, so those are good when I don't have a lot of time. After "Shredding" I did put in my quick TurboJam one, as I guess since my workouts at the gym are usually at least an hour, the 20 minutes, although tough, just to me didn't feel like enough. Although it was a terrific workout, after short sessions, within 10-15 minutes, I feel pumped up again and want to do more. Gotta get those workouts in when the vibe is on!!

I do recommend this to anyone that is just starting to workout as well. Very basic, yet effect moves. Loved it!!!


  1. Love Jillian. It is a great workout. Keep it up. I use some of her ideas when teaching my classes.

  2. I haven't used a DVD workout in months, but everybody's talking about Jillian. Hmmm. lemme think about it.

  3. You go girl. Fitting exercise in when you can is key! Experts have even said that doing 3 10 minutes sessions a day vs. one 30 minutes is fine. Of course, you have to work hard for that 10 minutes!

    All that matters is you try to get some sort of exercise in & move!

  4. GO YOU!!! You're so awesome, I love your motivation


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