Friday, April 10, 2009

First Hour Long PT Session

Ok, I'll admit it. I had been freaking out since Monday about my first full hour personal training session with Eric. The man is a gentle giant, but very inspiring and a great motivator. He had me start off again with the StairMaster, and it went a bit easier for me than it did on Monday, but I did drop the level down to 4 a couple times when he wanted in on 6 (shhhhhhhh!!). LOL. I guess I felt that as long as I was still moving and not quitting, it was a positive. He then got me on the row machine. He wanted me to keep it at a 30, but towards the end, I had to fight it up from 26 & 27. A friend of his was chatting with him, standing in front of the machine and the fan from the wheel was cooling him off. Think it would blow back onto the person working out!!

Next it was off to the weight room. With 5 lbs weights in each hand, I had to do lunges, right then left all around the track. I stopped to compose myself a number of times, as my legs were shaking. Mentally I know I can do this, but my body wasn't feeling as confidant! hahaha! After that, I had to excuse myself, as I was feeling sick to my stomach. Once again the shaking took hold of me, and was messing with my stomach. I calmed myself down, and headed back to see what was next.

He had me do squats, leg lifts, arm curls, straight lifts, reverse crunches, chest press, and I'm sure I'm missing a couple things. I was soaked with sweat by the time the workout was over, and after taking a small break, getting some water, and rearranging some training dates in schedule book, I felt pumped, so decided to hit the treadmill for 20 minutes before leaving the club.

I'm going at a nice 3.5 mph pace, watching the tv as Eric walks by me, jacket on and says good night. Well, what ever it was made him walk past me again, and he says.. "Oh no, let's reduce the speed and get the incline up to 10" and reaches over changing all my treadmill stuff!! I laughed at him and joked "weren't you supposed to be leaving?!?!?" Well, I did it for about 5 mintues, and then the legs were killing, so I lowered the incline to 4 (which is noticeable) thinking he left, and sure enough.. he comes walking by again! "Uh huh.. I see how it is" he says. "I had reached my targeted heart rate darnit!!" I replied. I felt like a teenager caught on the telephone after mom told me to hang it up and go to bed. LOL.

I have to give him credit though. He's a great trainer, in that he has the ability to push you, but not by yelling or demanding, but by inspiring and motivating you with his words and the way he makes you stay focused on your goals and what you want to achieve. It's a good balance, and I feel he has a lot of patience with me, and I appreciate it.

I got home, filled up the jacuzzi with hot water and soaked for a half hour. OOhhh it felt so good! This morning, I'm really not as sore as I thought I would be, but I know there can be a delayed reaction, so I might be back to the stiff sore shuffling tomorrow.

I know I make jokes about how I'm "paying to be tortured", but honestly, it's because when I'm at the gym by myself or with friends, the moment I feel uncomfortable, I stop or move onto the next thing. By having a trainer, they take you OUT of your comfort zone. They SHOW you what your body can do. Push you past your limits and honestly, last night, I wasn't ready to run out of there like I was on Monday. I actually stuck around a bit longer to get that little extra in.

Anywho.. have a "Good Friday" and a great weekend y'all!!


  1. WOW! I am really proud of you! Sticking with it & sticking around for more! That is something about the "once you get started" part of it. Good trainers know how to push you out of your comfort zone without alienating you or making you want to quit. Also, there is no running away from the trainer like if you were on your own. With time,you will be able to do all this on your own! I am one that really pushes myself out of my own comfort zone but I have been doing this for a long time. You will be there & sounds like your mind set is there too! Don't get discouraged & stay patient. It all pays off!

    You can do this & you now know that your body can do more than your mind tells you! You go get 'em girl!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jody!! I was actually proud of myself and surprised how good I felt after a short cool down that I wanted to stick around!

  3. holy shiznit with your workout.

    lmao, kinda glad I DIDN'T get a trainer.

    hah I like going in and doing mine and the getting home!

    but it sounds like it's going good for you! can't wait to kickbox on Tuesday. No if, ands, or buts about it this time!

  4. Yeah, voluntary heading off to torture at the gym. I have a long way to go before I would need or want a personal trainer. Fortunately the classes take me out of my personal comfort zone, which I don't really care for but is where the weight loss happens.

  5. the classes i do take me out of my comfort zone too, but only for a few minutes at a time or at a certain part of the class. after doing a couple PT session i really feel i'm finally realizing what my body can accomplish and it's a proud feeling.


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