Monday, April 27, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round

The weekend was non-eventful, besides housework, and heading out of the house Saturday night to watch the UFC fight over at Chris & Lori's. The hubby had the car, since his truck has a flat tire, so I was kinda at the mercy of Crusher for most of the weekend when it came to getting a ride places. It was good to see everyone again, and just chill and have conversations about everything and anything that came to mind.

I'll be the first to admit, I was a lazy girl this weekend, as I was almost immobile Friday from my workout with Eric. I did take Liam bowling on Sunday, so that was fun. They had cheesy 80's music videos playing on the projection screens they had dropped down over the lanes. Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round" came on, and I caught him dancing to it. Course I got asked why he was wearing so much makeup and a pirate patch, but I digress. LOL We had fun even though we both sucked.

Today, work was manic per usual, but it was a typical Monday. Lots of calls for trade-ins, new cars, people calling and bitching about their rates, etc. I went home for lunch and grabbed my clothes for spin class, and from 1-5pm, I couldn't WAIT to get out of work.

I honestly was nervous, because I wasn't able to get into the class last week, and the week before was the first time I had tried it, and uuuughhh... I could NOT for the life of me do long intervals of standing and peddling. This time went surprisingly well. I was shocked how much I did. My thighs and shins weren't burning and killing they were the first time. I know it has to do with working out more, and also learning the techniques and tension settings. Maybe to, it was the music. She always has great music whether in spin class or kickboxing, but today, the standing/climbing music was a mix of Disturbed and Korn! Rock on baby! Could it have been anymore fun!?!? I know not all people enjoy that kind of music, but man did it pump me up! Right before the cool down, she let us do a free-for-all. We could just sit, stand, jump, sprint, climb, whatever we wanted. Well, the song was "Kickstart my Heart" by Motley Crue. HELLO!!! How can you NOT sprint (peddle rapidly) to this song? Definitely kickstarted something! LOL I really enjoyed it. I look forward to where I feel I'm ready for a full hour class, although.. this was SUPPOSED to be the half hour express, and she went 45 minutes, so I can possibly see me doing 15 minutes more.

I came home, ate, and then while watching Dancing with the Stars, did some arm exercises with my weights. I'm determined to get my arm strength up to par. I'm so weak in this area, and it frustrates me when I can't do push ups or bench pressing.

Anyway, tomorrow is kickboxing again, which of course I love!! I'm heading to bed now in hopes that I can get up and get some cardio in before getting ready for work. I always have good intentions, then that alarm goes off, and I hit snooze!! hahaha! I'll get there eventually!!

(For you 80's fans... here's the video of Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Right Round!! after the lil commmercial of course!)


  1. You are amazing!!!!!!!!!! What a workout & you are getting stronger & the results show in how much better you did! Music is proven to help too & liking that music did you wonders! Love that you did weights later!!!!

    Hey, like Dancing with the Stars too! Bummed about Melinda!

    You rock Cher. Keep up the good work & enjoy that kickboxing class!

  2. I agree with Jody, you are amazing!! Go you!


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