Monday, March 16, 2009

3 men and a baby shower

Saturday was mainly just a day of cleaning and laundry. I wasn't feeling good, and did my chores in little spurts, as I got tired very quickly. Due to last minute plans (per usual) I didn't get in my workout with Wendy and after dinner, just changed into my pjs, crawled onto my couch and vegged out. Crusher went out with everyone to 30-Something to see Bad Daze, and the rest of the crew was at Aldo's to see This Calling and Slacker Theory. I just felt like crap and didn't go anywhere. I started to watch the movie "Righteous Kill" and passed out.

Sunday I got up and ready and shopped for Kerrie's baby shower gift. Around 1pm headed up to the Olive Garden for the lil get together. It was really nice, and she received some really nice things. Her girls helped with the games and gifts, and she looked just great. She's one of those women that you actually have to do a double take to realize she's pregnant. It was a really nice time.

Crusher had texted me from Walmart as they didn't have any cheap tv stands and asked where Big Lots was. I told him, and said I'd meet him there since I was already on that side of town. I walked in, and there's Doug and Karen! They were bullshitting in the middle of the store, and Karen showed me a little video clip on her phone with this guy from the night before dancing, well more like jogging, all over the dance floor at Aldo's. It was hilarious!! We said our goodbyes and found Crusher a tv stand for $30. He's officially moved in now.

When I got home, again, changed into my pjs and hit the couch. All three boys where video gaming, or on the computer. I almost didn't go to the shower, but I did say I'd be there, and I always feel like a heel if I don't show up where I say I will be. I'm feeling a little better this morning, but the day has only begun, so we'll see. I gotta go drop off da hubby at his truck and head into work myself.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Heh sounds a bit like my weekend. I just felt so lazy and worn out, I needed a weekend to recharge. I'm glad you had fun at the shower though ^_^


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