Friday, March 6, 2009

teen commits suicide over ‘sexting’

Cynthia Logan’s daughter was taunted about photo she sent to boyfriend.

18-year-old Jesse Logan took her own life after a nude picture of her was passed around by e-mail. TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to her mom, Cynthia Logan, and Internet safety expert Parry Aftab about the dangers of “sexting.”


This is just awful. I remember hearing about his, but it's so true that in this day and age, bullying, harrassment, and tormenting has become a part of technology. I urge parents to make sure to keep tabs on their kids, and even though you feel it maybe an invasion of their privacy, they are a MINOR. Discussing this issue should become a part of "the talk" with your kids. She was 18 when she took her own life, but just a teen in high school when she originally sent these pictures to her boyfriend at the time.

My heart goes out to her family and friends that lost a beautiful young lady to this.

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