Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ya Don't HAVE to Run!

How to Get a Good Workout Without Running
Tips on good exercise without running.

Running is one of the most popular exercises people undertake the world over. It became a big fad in the United States some years ago and hence the many joggers you’ll see in the public parks, streets and beaches all over with their I-pod ear phones as they jog along. But how beneficial is running? How safe is it?

Running for pleasure or competitively is indeed a good work out but certainly not for all. You need a high degree of fitness to run the distance that will result in some benefits to you and there are many who are just not up to it. So what can the ones who are unable to keep up do to keep themselves fit? Have no worries, it will please you greatly to know there are many ways of having a reasonable workout without running as many factors can disqualify you from running . Injury to the knees, ankles or any part of the leg. Being overweight and even lack of enough time.

Here are a few tips you can try to spike up your body on your way to being fit without running. If you cannot run, walk. Walking is much more gentle to the knees and ankles. It’s also kind to the heart and most can do it without serious risks. Start slowly and walk one step at a time. This means increase your distances every other day as you get fitter. If you can do the same distance but in a shorter time meaning increase your walking speed. If you live not too far away from home, leave your car at home and walk to and from work. Ensure though you have your bottle of water and I-pod if it pleases you to make the experience more pleasant.

In the office if you have a desk job, get up now and then and stretch. Walk around the office, up and down stairs whenever you have the opportunity. Avoid the lift and soon you will be able to handle the stair climb easily. If you are a housewife or work from home, do some gardening or loan mowing. These and many household chores will help you burn the calories and keep you fitter without having to run.

Include in your exercise routine some stretching to improve your flexibility. Flexibility will help you avoid injuries and that is also why one should warm up slowly before any exercise. Invest in small dumbbells to boost your strength. To start with, a thirty minute workout will be adequate three times a week. This could vary between a five kilometer walk or a brisk three kilometer one followed by cool down and stretches. Increase the intensity and sets as you get fitter. Raise the bar higher as you improve but don’t overdo anything. Be safe and do what you are able but bottom line, grow to enjoy the workouts.


  1. Good post. I love to run, but you are right it is tough on the body. Walking is great too as well as stretching. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hate to run because its boring to me and it does affect my knees sometimes. Today I do my lunchtime walk and trek up the monstrous hill 5 times. That'll get your heart racing!


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