Thursday, March 12, 2009

one proud mama

Last night I was so proud of Liam. This past Friday I had taken him out to get some basketball practice in, and teach him some basics, and some one-on-one training, because I've been seeing some things in his game, and in his shooting that needed some correction. Well, last night, Mama's Basketball Bootcamp paid off!!

He was passed the ball, and made a layup shot- 2 POINTS! He was fouled coming down from his shot, and was given one foul shot from the free throw line. I shouted out, "Remember, planted feet, loose knees and off the finger tips!!" He aimed, and up... and SWOOSH!!! ALL NET!! The team and coaches cheered wildly for him. My baby scored three points right in a row! I was so excited for him, as they've been having games since December, and this was the first time, two times in a row even, that he scored any points. I was so proud, my eyes welled up, and even now my eyes are tearing up with pride, because he needed this SO so much. With all that's been going on with him in school, at home, and he gets discouraged so easily sometimes with things he's not really good at, and this just gave him the confidence he needed to continue to play with zest and determination that I've never seen in him before in past games. I had to call someone, as I had to step out at half time and dry my eyes, and called his step-mom, Dawn, and I just gushed over what had just happened.

I'm so thankful that his coaches and team saw the importance and significance of those shots, and cheered it up for him. I'm so proud of him!! They have another game tonight, but last night's game was definitely one for the books.


  1. WOOOOOOO HOOOOO LIAM :) Hey did you know that Angel's real name before he was a vamp was Liam :) yup, just some useless knowledege :) Way to go LIAM :) Congrats :)

  2. haha.. would know YOU'd know all the "Angel" info!

    just one more reason Liam is an awesome name!! hehe

  3. I know exactly how you feel! My daughter played softball and couldn't get a hit for anything. She was so discouraged, and every time she got up to bat you could just tell she felt defeated before she got up there. Towards the end of the season, after some time at the cages, she got her first hit - and what a hit it was! She hit a triple with bases loaded! As you described, it was just what she needed. And I wasn't just tearing up, I was flat out crying! :) It's a great feeling! Way to go Liam, and way to go Cheryl for helping him out!

  4. oh believe me, i was crying so bad i had to leave to gym to get a tissue!! LOL


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