Saturday, March 14, 2009


The house is so quiet right now. It's 7:45am and da hubby, da roomy and da boy are all still sound asleep. Just me and Shamrock (my tiger kittybutt) are awake.

OMG does my body ache from all the workouts and cleaning I've done this week. Last night I got distracted making dinner, and rushed out to meet Wendy to workout. Once again I tried the elliptical, but for whatever reason, my body doesn't like the motion of the one I tried. Maybe another would work better. I did a little treadmill, then moved on to floor exercises for my abs, thighs and buns, then did some arm curls. I only got in 30 minutes or so from being late, but I'm glad instead of just blowing it off, I got in my car and went.

Crusher moved most of his stuff in yesterday. I think he still has his tv, gaming systems and some clothes to finish up with. We all just stayed in last night. Those guys gamed (told ya) and I watched SuperNanny!! yay!

Well, think I'm gonna get off this comp and head downstairs for a bit and see if there's anything I can quietly do whilst the boys sleep. Have a great Saturday!

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