Friday, March 13, 2009


Since this is public, I hope not only do those that read it talk about it, I hope they jump on their phones, text messages, computers, whatever and show the rest, that way everyone can see what I have to say. Get the family all a buzz, cuz this has nothing to do with my friends, so let me start by making that very clear. This is about one person, and if one day that person gets to see it, great, if not, oh well, I needed the rant anyhow. I don't backdown though, and that's a damn fact. So if it's brought up to me by you, the hubby's already been warned I'll go OFF!

It seems this person has a problem with Crusher moving in. (If you think my husband doesn't tell me what you say to him about me, you're in denial.) I'm his wife, darlin! You may enjoy having dysfunctional, abusive, deceptive relationships, and that's your choice. More power to ya, as I see that's worked out so well for you thus far. But as for me and my husband, we have a totally open, honest relationship and marriage. So, please remember what you say doesn't stop at him. Let me repeat... does not stop! And even if you tell him not to tell me.. guess what? He WILL! Especially if you have negative things to say about his wife. And that doesn't just go to that one person, that goes to everyone. He doesn't keep ANYTHING from me, nor I him, so keep driving that wedge you work so hard for, cuz we actually get a chuckle watching you try.

If you feel you have an opinion about my relationship with my husband, and us deciding to move a friend in, it's really none of your concern. You don't approve or think it's weird, fine. Great! But the things you said about me went OVERBOARD sweetie. But I'll smile and be pleasant because you are his family, and out of respect for my husband I'll always strive to keep the peace. But that doesn't excuse you. This isn't the first time, and sadly I know it won't most likely be the last.

You seem to think you know, but quite frankly, you don't. You don't know our situation, whether it's regarding our relationship, finances, choices, how we choose to live our lives, etc. You are barely involved in our lives, and what we do affects you in no way, shape or form. You do not live under our roof, you do not support us, you do not pay our bills and after almost 5 years, you should know that you have no control over what me, or my husband do. You didn't after the wedding (should narrow down who I'm talking about), and you sure and the hell don't now. You always seem to sit on your high throne and dictate to others your opinions on how/what they should do with their lives. Seriously. Have you looked at your own life? You honestly think we'll take your advice? That's entirely laughable! Or as they say ... ROFLMFAO!!

So basically this goes out to say that true, I'm the first to admit that how we choose to live our lives isn't for everyone. I don't force anything on anyone. Although I don't feel the need to explain myself to anyone, let me just say right here and now, this is a situation that was thought about and talked about for over a month, and at our last lil pow-wow with the three of us, we decided it's going to work out great for all parties involved. If you want to turn it into something disgusting and deceitful, again I say to you... you have no clue, and I pity your ignorance.

--end of rant--

SOOOOOOOOO!!! How's everyone else's Friday so far? hahaha. It's only going on 10am and I already can't WAIT to get to the gym with Wendy and sweat this frustration out! w00p!!

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