Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can Sex Help You Lose Weight?

A look at the effect of sex on weight loss, and the effect of weight loss on sex.

Sex and weight control have to be two of the most prominent thoughts that pass through everyone's mind. One or the other or both will be considered by most people frequently. Exactly what the substance of those thoughts are will vary from person to person. If the two could be tied together, it would be a very big discovery. Someone would get rich quickly.

Men would really like sex to control weight.

Everyone would like sex to help with weight control. Men especially would like this to be the case. Since women are more likely to agonize over a few extra pounds than men , this would make women want to have sex more often. Of course, for most men, this would be the ideal situation. She could trim up. He could be more satisfied in the bedroom. From the man's perspective, all would be right with the world.

Women would see this as an easy way to get rid of extra pounds.

Women would like this too. It would be a nice simple way to shed unwanted pounds without having to starve or be tortured in the gym. She could also learn how much sex was just enough to get rid of the weight. This would let a woman be able to determine when to start a program to drop a dress size of two for upcoming events.

Sex does not lead to automatic weight loss.

Unfortunately, sex does not usually burn enough calories to rate as a great exercise program unless you're able to perform sex while doing aerobics. It is the release of hormones and not the exertion of sex that makes people tired at the end of it. The rest may offset any extra calories burned by intercourse.

If either partner were to lose weight, it would most likely be men.

Men are normally the more physically active during most sexual encounters. This is even more true in marriage where most couples settle into a his and her role routine. But, science in this area suggests that while most people assume that they have done great strenuous exertion, most of the fatigue comes from hormones and not from the exercise.

Extra weight has an effect on the quality of sex.

The truth of the matter is, sorry to say, that extra weight affects sex more than sex affects weight. It can reduce stamina, create difficulty with certain positions, and even suck up extra hormones needed for strong sexual performance and desire. If it is weight loss you want, let your desire for good sex be a motivator for diet and a real exercise regimen. You will like the results more in the long run.

by Allen Teal contributor to Health Mad


  1. I definitely agree with the "extra weight/quality of sex" thing. It's not fun to be crushed under someone's weight. Let's just get this over with already!! I can't breathe!

  2. lol Josie.. i laugh only because i totally understand! i agree with it limiting positions big time.

  3. Oh how men would love this to be true!!!! NOT!

    And so true on how extra weight effects sex. Even more, how a person feels about themselves.

  4. They do go hand in hand. The better you look and feel the more confident you are about yourself and your body. Great post. Sex, like milk, does a body good :)

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