Thursday, March 26, 2009


You cannot avoid responsibility.

You can either suffer the painful consequences of ignoring it, or you can enjoy the outstanding benefits of acknowledging and accepting responsibility.

You are responsible for your life and for the world around you. When you feel the full extent of that responsibility, and connect it to your authentic purpose, you can do truly amazing things.

Why would you want to accept responsibility for circumstances that are not of your making? Because responsibility gives you the power to change things.

If something affects you, then you have the opportunity to be positively and creatively responsible for it. Even if you didn't create the situation, you can still make the very best of it.

Responsibility is not some burden that is heaped upon you. On the contrary, it is a powerful and effective tool for moving your whole world in the direction you choose.

Invest your awareness, attention, effort and commitment in the responsibility that is yours. And enjoy the dividends that come from truly making a difference in the world.

-- Ralph Marston

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