Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Speech is Sacred

Pat Condell

Free speech is sacred

"Religion is the art of sugar-coating a turd and selling it as a doughnut. . . . "

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  1. Cher,

    I'll have to watch the video later because my work computer has a speaker the size of a gnat's anus, but I love the quote. As for your posts about weight-loss efforts, I can relate. I fight a constant, and losing, battle against the bulge. My doctor was very, very unhappy with me on my last visit. I have to make some amends and really alter my basic diet. But sometimes I think we're all victims of our genes. I come from a long line of "round" people. I think I'm doomed. I'm also a 30-plus-year smoker. Damn addictions. Also, I loved your rant below. You can pick you friends, but you can't pick your relatives, especially the ones you "acquire." Finally, thanks much for contributed to my blog. I enjoy your comments. My e-mail is Bewman99@yahoo.com if you ever want to chat about the world of blogs. Cheers.


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